Credo Solingen Original Planer Pedicure Tools white handle 2

It was still in excellent condition, but the hub misplaced it. $9. Stainless steel handle fits comfortably for easy relief from corns and Results 1 - 48 of 90 Orange handle - Credo Germany Solingen Original Planer Pedicure Tools. A box of 10 extra sharp callus blades imported from Solingen, Germany. Credo Pedicure Implement W/Blade. PFEILRING SOLINGEN GERMANY Leather 5 Piece Grooming Kit 2 Scissors File Tweezers, see photos. Reduces 8 Piece Manicure & Pedicure Kit, made of Genuine Leather in white, Quality: Made in Solingen/Germany. Products 1 - 58 of 58 Cuccio Promotions Spa Basix Pedicure Collection Bulk Buyz Mehaz Implements Credo Pedicure Implements Sponge Boards by DHS Nail Basix Professional Tips The original best-selling callus planer with ergonomic handle. CareSkin Wireless Battery Powered Callus remover Pedicure Foot File Smoother, Includes 2 free rollers Remove dead and Hard skin works in Dry and Wet skin Credo Solingen Original Planer Pedicure Tools white handle + 2 E. S TM purse size emery boards. . I purchased this tool many years ago. I bought 2 other brands because I couldn't find Credo in the store, and was not happy with the way they handled or manicured my feet. Includes one interchangeable blade and rasp. 90. by Credo Solingen -- Awesome products selected by Anna Credo Pedicure Implement W/Blade by Credo. Developed by experts with years of experience, this handy tool will remove even the most stubborn calluses and corns gently and effectively. This by far exceeds all other pedi tools of this nature! It fits in your hand comfortably without Remove ugly, painful corns and callus from the feet in seconds.