CPU Tray to hold 1366 LGA processors This tray can hold 12

This tray can hold 12 processors (6x2 slots). Genuine Apple Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) 2. CPU Tray to hold AMD 486 processors. 4GHz 8-Core CPU Board/Tray + 32GB of memory Ok this logicboard was originally a 2009 Mac Pro 4,1 but it's firmware has been upgraded to 5,1 so it can use 6 core or 12 core processors. Find great deals on eBay for CPU Tray in Computer CPUs and Processors. Results 49 - 96 of 12288 Learn more about Xeon X3450. 64-Bit Support. ONE PIECE CPU TRAY. 5 out of ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel X58 USB 3. 3. FREE SHIPPING. Tray can be used to pack, store or ship processors damage free. This socket supersedes Intel's LGA 775 (Socket T) in the high-end and performance desktop segments. Free Shipping. LGA 1366, also known as Socket B, is an Intel CPU socket. Hyper-Threading Support. 0 ATX Motherboard + i7 950 cpu. This socket has CPU Packaging Trays has options like CPU clam shell blister box for individual processor, CPU Trays with 21 slots to hold various processors like 775, Core2Duo, Xeon. It also replaces the server-oriented LGA 771 (Socket J) in the entry level and is superseded itself by LGA 2011. Wholesale lot of 1 Box with 25 Trays. L3 Cache. 45 nm. One tray can hold up 21 processors. Core Name. I have a large quantity of CPU trays Intel Xeon X5600 E5600 L5600 CPU Tray Holder Socket LGA1366 Lot of 2 6 12 30 50. . Plus, discover the flexibility of a coprocessor that can also host an OS. eGreen Tek | Packaging products for electronics and wine industry. Wholesale lot of 1 Box with 100 Trays. Buy It Now. Environmentally conscious company sells products made with recycled material only. 33GHz SLBV2 12MB 6. LGA stands for land grid array. Xeon X3450. Shop with confidence. Intel Xeon W3680 Hex Core 3. $15. And CPU Tray with 12 slots to hold 1366 LGA processor. Wholesale lot of 1 Box with 50 Trays. 4 GT/s LGA1366 Processor . 85. This tray can hold 10 processors (5x2 slots). CPU Socket Type. CPU Tray to hold E7 processors. And stack on top of each CPU Tray to hold 1366 LGA processors