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7 May 2011 A chic couple in Amsterdam. We noticed that Paris is home to a fantastically chic bunch of cyclists. With less of a focus on the bike and more on the expressions of the  19 May 2011 Europeans also smoke a lot more cigarettes than Americans – they still get lung cancer, which is neither cute nor stylish. Spin in Style: Cycling doesn't have to be all about lycra; a look at some of the most stylish cycling accessories on the market from London's most fashionable cyclist, Caz Nicklin from Cycle Chic  15 Jan 2015 Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. 15 Jun 2014 How the bloke on the bike became the coolest man on the road and the smartest guy in the room. Today's date has about cycling. company Christiana. Create your dream Brompton using our custom bike builder or learn more about the benefits of a Brompton folding bicycle. If your favourite shots on The Satorialist are of people on bikes (and obviously they are) then Vancouver Cycle Chic will be your new favourite street style blog. Modern urban planning is often singular in its focus on technical models and solutions, statistics, impact assessment and  6 Jul 2010 (If you're using a bike with a step-through frame, then that measurement of reference doesn't really work since the top tube is lowered. This feed features great photos and fun personality from John Watson, who has amassed nearly 27,000 followers with his perpetually positive attitude about life and riding bikes. 26 Feb 2013 “Copenhagen Bicycle Chic became popular a few years ago, yet generations of Islanders have known that bikes are a part of fashion, part of looking good. "A stylish city bike with retro charm" - The Guardian. They're riding bikes, but they're  14 Mar 2012 City cyclists can escape crowded bike lanes — and travel hassle-free — on trips with these top touring companies. It requires special skills and equipment that few  15 Jan 2018 One of the best ways to really experience Cuba is by bike; wind in your (helmet-covered) hair, the smoky scent of tobacco on the breeze, and the It's a game that can be played on any street corner, or when the electricity isn't working, or with a few shots of rum, and people of all ages partake in this most  11 Dec 2017 With the SA's biggest kids' bike ride looming (OK, so the Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior is not meant to be a race, but, you know how it goes…) It was a balance bike with no pedals – a genius invention teaching little ones the art of balance (which, in my opinion, is the one thing you need to be able to do to  18 Jul 2008 His fans around the world flock to his blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, to see photos of beautiful, fashionable women on glorious bicycles. We've also dug through the archives to bring you some of our favorite 'loved up' shots. With the gradual popularity of the public bicycle networks as Vélib in Paris and Barcelona Bicing, citizens have discovered the ease with which they can travel around their city or town – dressed as they  26 Oct 2015 The 'urban chic'. “Riding bicycles will not only benefit the individual doing it, but the world at large. Some days when you're rushing to work you you see her, chic bicycle girl, a flash of colour in a sea of communter suits and it's all you can do to fumble for your phone/camera . 37 Screen  Cheios de projetos. ” Not a bike path but another shot of Michigan State 185. “Rule out riding after dark for your youngster. com: Women's Classic Padded Bike Shorts Cycling Bicycle BikingMade in USA: Sports & Outdoors. “They often don't have lights,” McReynolds said. It just doesn't have  26 Apr 2012 Shot by acclaimed photographer Horst Friedrichs, "Cycle Style" showcases the 15-year London resident's love affair with his adopted city from the first page. We carry Giant, Santa Cruz, Electra, Ibis, Haro, Masi, Surly and Intense. Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 09. | See more ideas about Bike style, Bicycle and Bicycles. Copenhagen is that city,  Explore yamachan's board "Full shot" on Pinterest. But a broad spectrum of other interests and desires has led to some fun changes. Mexico City repealed their bike helmet law back in February 2010. 2009 So, obviously, the photo above here isn't me, nor is it my bike. To get to some of the how, you need to consider many of the points made in my "Making Cycling Irresistible in DC" paper. Located within a  23 Feb 2018 But when she hopped on my bike while waiting for the Monterey Airbus, she certainly wasn't in typical mountain biking clothes–instead, this biker was looking tres chic! New Year's Eve 2011, they were on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, in front of Gilbert's, when they showed some chic-in-Monterey style. image. 27 Apr 2017 From his hometown of Copenhagen, the Dane, Oliver, snaps behind handlebars shots from both famous and secret spots around Copenhagen, and also takes his project They race around the town that they know better than their own back pocket and literally live on their bike. People were Below are a few photos courtesy of Beijing Shots that illustrate how prominent bicycles were in the urban landscape in China, allowing people to efficiently get around their cities. Although over for a holiday, we couldn't help but snap a few shots of those stylish Parisians out on their bikes. Amazing right? And look at the people. He means “invisible” both figuratively and literally. This program includes movies that won't be shown in other programs. Vintage Beach Chic Swimsuits, A group of southern belle models sunbathe on the beach at Cypress Gardens theme park in 1953 near Winterhaven, Florida, Getty . Here are some of the best urban helmets on offer at the  1 Nov 2015 Here are a few more examples (good and bad) from around town: Heaps of parking at Jellie Park Pool – but couldn't some of it have ended up under that overhang? The stylish “koru” bike parking in Cashel Mall Handy bike racks in central Riccarton with lots of fixing points I like the “blood-drop” inspired  4 Mar 2014 Some argue that cycling can lower risk of certain diseases - but at what cost? Copenhagen, Amsterdam are bike-friendly cities, with extensive cycle routes; Studies show that safety improves in a city as the total number of cyclists increases; Northern Europe leading the way for city cycling infrastructure. These were taken from the airport 'limosine' bus – finally some shots of the elusive young guys who mix it up with traffic on their sport bikes:. You and  8 Feb 2017 Borrowing a bike. Grab some friends and join us to pedal around the sights of the city. 0. Imagine taking off into the hills for days at a time — or longer — on the same bike that carries you comfortably for a Sunday  Bike Party. Rover  17 Oct 2017 It's fair to say that since we started BEG Bicycles back in 2011, we have had a few all-consuming obsessions… Stylish If we can make it easier, better and more stylish to take a bike to work, to school, to meet friends…then more people will do it. The following year she cycled from Sydney to Melbourne in nine days and her visit to the city started a cycling craze amongst Melbourne women. In some towns you can even rent electric bike to get a better feel for them… Rocket Electrics in Austin Texas for example, offers foodie tours and also has a multi-day SXSW and F1 race week package for people who  1 Oct 2009 Cycle-Chic Forum. De fiets, de fiets en verder  7 Apr 2015 Today it is possible to dive head first into electric bikes or dip your toe in for a little taste. Get custom fixed gear bikes, we sell the best fixie! for a different perspective on cycling. Great way to show one of the finest examples of Dutch culture. ”. Then I got word from my network of a couple more developments. It's Valentine's Day (in case you didn't know) so we at Amsterdam Cycle Chic thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate our love for cycling. Another shot as I continue north on 4th. But they're also harder to see on the streets. Love it. 9 Aug 2009 They are creating a Toronto flavour of the blog phenom of bicycle chic that started in Copenhagen. On Instagram: @modcyclingphoto; Location: UK; Occupation: Photographer shooting for Team Sky, Mark Cavendish, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Fred Perry; Why we love him: Scott's passion for British mod culture really comes through in the way he shoots. San Diego's largest Giant dealer. Until I wrap my head around the whirlwind trip and all the impressions, here's a couple of shots of a bike counter in the city. All we need is a couple of measurements from you, and our experienced framebuilder can create just about anything. 5 Mar 2017 The school-run doesn't have to be stressful, or involve traffic jams and crazy driving outside the school gates. There's a However, I don't think that means they're the right way to reach the other 99% of the US population (or even to the other 90% of the Boulder  27 juil. Saturday night, bring the ruckus! Tonight we bring out the boldest and funniest of the 2014 Filmed by Bike movies to give you a taste of what to expect all festival long. The Sartorialist - aka The Colville-Andersen on No Wheels - :-) posted a couple of lovely bicycle shots recently. Stylish CoupleCouple StyleBike StyleCycle ChicLooksGabrielKimonosSolarBicycle. 24 Oct 2013 Here's a list of what I've been obsessing over and just can't bear to keep from you any longer. 4 hours  16 Nov 2015 I actually wasn't sure where to ride but I'm assuming (after measuring these two areas) that the city will be sticking with the double-sided buffer like the three previous images. So the website Belgium Cycle Chic, which started a couple of years ago, is right on trend. I now have a ridiculous collection of bike headware to suit any mood, weather or style. Loud? 21 Jun 2011 Nowadays, Cycle Chic is a growing trend in cities that are investing in bicycle infrastructure and facilities. The blog features  Have you ever wanted to drink and be able to drive around? Then beer bike Berlin! And good news – beer biking in Berlin is even legal. For him, riding a bike is more than just a mode of  Big Shot Bikes allows you to build your own custom fixie bike or single speed bicycle. From the archives: bicycle made for two. And on the few occasions I've taken a tumble, I was glad I had one on. ) This video was shot on the 21st of October, which was a genuine autumn day with precipitation for 11. AddThis  The trans-African crossing from Cairo to Cape Town has been one of the world's epic journeys ever since Cecil Rhodes' 19th century dream of connecting South Starting at the Pyramids, under the watchful eyes of the immortal Sphinx, the cyclists will head south along the Red Sea and the Nile River in Egypt, visiting the  15 Nov 2011 Last week, one of us in the Bikeminded team had the pleasure of a trip to Paris. . No doubt I'll put a fair few of their quotes in my book – due in 2016 – but in the meantime here's a selection … einsteinquote. Without Cycle Chic, no Rapha, no H&M cycling wear, no Chanel. The group is accomplishing this through community events and casual group rides, like the Tweed Ride, which invited participants  No glass will be allowed out while we're on a tour (If you have glass in a cooler it needs to stay there unless we are stopped – we recommend not bringing it at all). Colville-Andersen, who blogs at Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic, says this is “the shot that launched the movement” of Cycle Chic (yes, Cycle Chic basically puts the emphasis on “normal” cycling: people in normal (everyday) clothes on “normal” (city) bikes. There is little standing in the way of advancing the evolution of Bicycle Culture 2. 'There's definitely a  That line about your clothes being more valuable than your bike in the Cycle Chic Manifesto? I think its What a shame that some bicycle advocates don't see it that way. Beautiful and fashionable bicycle photos that capture one of the best parts of living in the Netherlands & The Hague!! Thank you for taking us with you around town. Now about 60% of all trips are made by bicycle in the city center. Until Copenhagen, in 1995,  30 Apr 2010 When it rains, it pours. In the book's forward,  24 May 2010 So for this video, I crowdsourced video from a few other cycle chic bloggers to see what's so hot about using fashion and style to promote bicycling. wordpress. In the meantime, a few handlebar shots of the sometimes beautiful, sometimes foreboding landscapes we traversed. It's that no one knows  2 Jul 2017 Lance Armstrong, leading, turned in the saddle and for a good few seconds stared down his nearest challenger, Jan Ullrich, before accelerating away up the mountain at a blistering pace. · January 14, 2017. “They often don't have  2 Nov 2015 What I didn't expect was that once I started donning my Bern, I'd grow fond of it, and I began to notice the other rather cool products on offer in the 'urban' market. i firmly believe that there is no need to  24 Aug 2010 I was at the Ausbike Bike Expo over the weekend, hunting around for great cycling gear for the store, meeting suppliers and with a mission to see With a couple of twists and turns it can fit into a sedan, but obviously not as easily as a standard pram – I don't think I'll be trying to manage the Taga, the baby,  Coventry became Britain's key motor city even though Wolseley and Ford, Britain's biggest car makers, were not based in Coventry. Turn your bicycle into . FullSizeRender (17). Because you're constantly passing cool girls on bikes in Amsterdam. With Freddie Grubb - it's all in the detail. And they weren't wearing lycra or riding carbon fibre contraptions and they weren't restricted to flat areas. We had a few days in Berlin and were also celebrating Jennifer's birthday, so we were looking for something fun and different to do. From what I've seen over the past few months, their photos are 80% sexy young women and 90% cyclists without helmets, which means I'm essentially . RIDING AT NIGHT John Williams of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking in the US, has worked in bike safety for over 35 years. La Rochelle was the first city to make it stick. 20 Oct 2015 “Those people are pretty much invisible. It's an officially designated state highway. xssat. Salsa and QBP copywriter Mark Sirek, a cyclist for 30 years, knows we haven't always been able to confidently say that. See how many you recognize from the Important Media network bike  See the city from a different perspective on our fun and original group cycle tour of Belfast. Sample post: Good for: Those who aren't interested in the latest BB standard, believe doping cyclists doth protest too much, and feel that most bike media takes itself too seriously. Merida: I love  24 Jul 2012 I don't think that's a reason not to dress chic on a bike; I do think it's foolish to claim that it's the highest form of advocacy in a cultural and economic situation where Dressing up to the nines and riding fast across town on a sporty road bike are two of life's pleasures that I find are best enjoyed jointly. You don't wear car clothes, you don't wear train clothes - you are going to work. Those cyclists often aren't seen in City Hall or other venues where people advocate for bike lanes and other bike-friendly policies. Loving every shot. Above, a selection of street-style shots from both blogs establishes one major commonality: in Amsterdam and Copenhagen alike, lovelies on bikes rule the roads. RIOetc | Cheios+de+projetos. ABOUT US. The film above was shot in Nîmes and  28 Mar 2010 Urban cycling is, of course, sociable. Marc Wielaert. ) Another Figuring out some basic math and having a few numbers for reference will certainly help get you in the right direction and it will even allow you to rule out easily  I can't help but think how cute and chic bicycle riders look in New York and Europe. Cycling Gets “Chic” for Everyone. Tonight is only one of five programs that play throughout the festival. Ullrich couldn't respond. By day and by  31 Aug 2009 Inspired by Copenhagen, he created pedestrian streets in the city centre and, in 1974, he started a bike share programme. Copenhagenize - Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog. . Here I am on the very same climb,  10 May 2008 The Copenhagenizing of Paris is underway. It makes me want to buy a bike but since I live uptown where the traffic is heavier, I'd probably be flattened by a bus or a cab the minute I took off! I'll leave the pedaling to others but will continue to admire their ensembles. He dedicates the book to the city and its stylishly eclectic cyclists who reside and ride around it, capturing the essence of their character—from the hip  23 Oct 2017 We found some hilarious and creative examples of people who incorporated their bikes into their Halloween costumes with total success. ” Chris Bruntlett is not your typical cyclist. That said, most of the city's cyclists can probably still give you a list of near misses — even those who aren't on GPS tracker app Strava. 15 Mar 2011 Having lost her driver's licence for speeding at Christmas, Bingle has become a common sight riding her bike through Sydney as she waits until her In the print version of the Telegraph there is another picture, but I can't upload it because of work proxy server filtering. 19 Jul 2010 We talk to Dane Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic about pedalling the streets of Melbourne, a city with some of the strictest cycling laws in the world. When a city has a style of bike lane named after it, it's clear that city has a reputation for being bicycle friendly. Were the images shot near yonge and invincible? 15 Oct 2012 In The Anthology's Bookmark column we explore some of the most inspiring places on the wild, wild web. Sport coats and dresses – check. A car driving in what I do believe is the bike lane. The street style blog phenomenon has exploded in recent years (think The Sartorialist). But just to show you the coolitude of biking in Amsterdam, you needed to see at least one real Dutch girl on a real Dutch bike. It just wouldn't feel right going out without one. Why show cyclists making a similarly idiotic choice? I used to be a bike racer and have seen too many injuries  22 Sep 2014 I've included a few shots of Chicago MSI's Art of the Bicycle bike chic display in the photo gallery at the top of the page, and highlighted some of my favorite examples of “newer”, “cutting edge” bikes in their own paragraphs, below. Singer Eartha Kitt rides her bike in New York City, July (Photo by Gordon Parks for Life Magazine) Related Nibs posts- Retro Plaid Bike Bag Walk/Ride Days. Posted on . Johnson could . We believe that cyclists shouldn't have to compromise on quality or comfort for a bicycle that looks great. That's how In a city that should have existed long ago. I went to the Cycle Chic: Bike Culture and Policies in Denmark presentation last night at the Coalition for Smarter Growth. We came across Beer Bike Berlin and it seemed like a  8 Feb 2018 If just eating a healthy, balanced diet doesn't feel like enough, here's a look at some additional supplements which could increase your performance After a few years of riding, most cyclists have got their heads around the what, how and when of cycling nutrition – but when it comes to supplements there's  30 Apr 2012 Amsterdam photos later this week, but in the meantime, want to see some crazy photos of bikes in Amsterdam? When turning And, most of all, we saw families on bikes–often three or four kids on a bike with one parent! Other things we There are big bike paths on pretty much every street in the city. “I focus on people wearing normal clothes on bikes because the mantra of cycle chic is dressing for the destination not the ride,” she says. People still  Riding goals and demands placed on bikes are different, and pedaling in this new roadie realm is, dare we say, cool. Cyclocross superstar Tim Johnson first imagined the Ride on Washington after attending the National Bike Summit in 2010. san francisco bike lane, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, The line of stylish city bikes are designed for urbanites that find themselves storing bikes in their living rooms, amongst other objets d'art. 3 Sep 2008 The term was coined by blogger Mikael Colville-Andersen for his site, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which collects and publishes his daily shots of the city's most stylish cyclists. You wouldn't do a road trip feature in which nobody wore seat belts. The photos are largely organic, with the exception of some carefully constructed bike porn, and  Do you ride a bike in Brussels? If so, I've come across a couple of ways to make your daily ride around town a bit more fun. Let's face it, it wasn't much  4 Dec 2014 That's the way to teach your child that cycling in the rain is no big deal! This girl has a lot of fun with her own Jip & Janneke* umbrella on the bicycle with daddy! (* Dutch children's book characters. Just hope their pant  26 Mar 2013 DIY Cycle Safety: Seven simple bike maintenance checks you can make to feel secure before you get on the road. Designers and makers of the iconic Brompton Folding Bike. 25 Feb 2011 Better Bicycle Marketing in Boulder a la Cycle Chic I've been talking to friends and co-conspirators about how best to do bicycle propaganda marketing. 12 Apr 2011 It's called the San Diego Bike Union, and its mission, according to spokesman Thom Bahde, is to promote bicycling as a viable way for the average citizen to get around town. So simply chic with their hats and jackets. Bike Week continues (not concludes) with a random assortment of images. A few of my shots from Vietnam. The city of Detroit also states once a tour has started you may not stop the bike to purchase alcohol at a store (except for inside a bar) so please come prepared  14 Aug 2017 This short blog post isn't really a place to get into why folks continue to use the automobile instead of the numerous alternative transportation options My (Alex) birthday was around the corner and I knew I wanted to celebrate it on a bike, touring some place. 3 May 2013 Now that the fashion world is on board, it's easier to cycle through the urban jungle while looking effortlessly chic (and it doesn't hurt that you can do it sitting down) On a typical weekday in the city's downtown core, an average of more than 20,000 cyclists hit the streets, according to municipal data. Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen flirted with bike share programmes back in the 60's, but they didn't last. We want to counter that messaging and prove that it is a fun, safe, enjoyable way to experience your city. Thus the Culture of . Consider borrowing a bike to help you decide what you do and don't like about riding. FullSizeRender (18). Singer, Rover, Daimler, and Humber were the largest motor car manufacturers in Coventry (only Daimler wasn't a former bicycle brand, but the British company was started by cyclists). Luckily we were heading the same way for a bit, so we did some catching up as we pedalled along the bike lanes before he  17 May 2016 While not overtly so, the politics of these photographs is obvious considering Clarkes shot them at the height of late mayor Rob Ford's anti-bike backlash, when the ever-thoughtful mayor compared riding a bike in Toronto to swimming with sharks. One of the coolest people you could ever hope to know. This sleek  They're a category that hasn't had much love in the last few years, but touring bikes might be the most versatile machines around. In this case, a visitor to the city wanted a fast racing bike,  1 Jun 2010 Last weekend the sun came out to play in London's lovely East End; it's amazing what a dab of sunshine will do, even the drabbest of corners become a Mark, those beach-cruiser style bikes are a popular rental bike around here, and seem to have tremendous appeal to people who haven't been on a  28 Nov 2011 What we like most, however, is the Survey page, which features pro-caliber shots of cyclists with style from around the globe. You're using your bicycle to get around. “We live in a cities where cycling is still seen as complicated, dangerous, and political. Town. Bicycle manufacturers around the globe have come up with creative ways to transport your entire clan on two or three wheels, making your journey back onto  4 Nov 2017 It's always a pleasure to fit a customer to a frame, but even more so when they get to pick the colour, chrome, and anything they like. This will help you in making a later decision about Power-assisted and electric bikes provide a good commuting option, as the bike does some of the hard work for you, allowing you to arrive without  16 May 2017 Weiss reaches for his wound before buckling over his bike in agony, the one minute 39 second video shot by fellow rider Reid Case shows. First, the Gant bicycle, which was released about a year ago with a price tag of $995. For a long time, though, my choice of helmet was limited to the swooping aerodynamic models favoured by pro cyclists in their full range of eye-watering colours and  13 Mar 2015 Poets, presidents, prime ministers and prime-time newscasters have said great things about cycling. Sitting upright on their oh-so-Dutch bikes. They primarily send the value message: Look at these ordinary chic people. Amsterdam Cycle Chic. For about two years, Sam Polcer would stand with his bike in different parts of New York City—on street corners, near bridges and velodromes—and chase down “I have no problems with those folks, but they aren't the only ones riding. Amazon. 29 Apr 2011 But hey, this ain't Junior-College-Style. 22 Jul 2011 These people aren't dressed up to sell bicycles or cycling, they're dressed up to be attractive, and the bicycle is either an accessory or simply a way to move their attractive selves around town. It wasn't exactly what I expected. ” The 'urban chic'. A little history lesson: this was when about 80% of all trips were made by bike. 07. Snuck some whiskey shots with the bois. Your Wee Toast Tour will be an outdoor city  August 2, 2016. It might look good a So the current Spin experiment is a mere fraction of the number of bike share bikes the city could have in service just a couple weeks from now. A little while ago I blogged about how there appears to be a growing resistance against bike helmet laws around the world. This dad drops his offspring at nursery before heading into town for work. See? And, thanks for the Portland shots! When I ride my bike, I wear a helmet. Here's why your next bike should be a touring bike. Night bike shot 1. and cycle chic sundays return! this week, i decided to have some fun on polyvore and created two easy outfits for a springtime bike ride around town. 30 Sep 2010 John Sckaletz said that the popularity of magnetic lights like Reelights on Danish bicycles means that it isn't necessary to focus on lights this year. The shorts arrived very quickly and about two weeks ahead of the new saddle for some reason but I was very glad that something arrived to help me as I just couldn't face another day riding my bike as it was. He tells of girls in Louboutin heels who seem to stick with "beat-up old Raleigh granny bikes" and how the city's men are switching to  16 Nov 2008 John Woodeforde ”The Story of the Bicycle”, 1970. Only a few generations ago, the bicycle was integral part of the urban landscape in cities and towns around the world. Share a toast and make some unique memories while soaking up some history and the unparalleled Belfast atmosphere. talent for framing candid shots which not only make the subjects look good, but also demonstrate just how easy and accepted it is to travel by bicycle in Copenhagen. “They might be  9 Dec 2011 above, veronika bjarsh shot by mr newton for elle magazine, adrianna shot by vanessa jackman, and milk teeths. He rides a practical, Dutch utility bike, and gets around quickly by using London's new network of Cycle Superhighways. 25 Jul 2017 The Pronto team didn't do a terrible job getting close to the hot spots, but the stations are rarely in the middle of the hottest areas. Cycle ChicBike FashionFashion OutfitsStyle FashionEurope OutfitsBike StyleFolding BicycleTurquoise FashionStyle Icons  Serving the Bicycle Community in Normal Heights, North Park, University Heights, Hillcrest, Downtown, and the rest of San Diego County. “That's what it's all about. 20 May 2009 I have turned to straight up bicycle porn to help contain that obsession…thank goodness for the prettiest bicycle porn around, copenhagen cycle chic. Not too many lycra warriors, just all sorts of  16 May 2011 The latest women's cycling gear performs as amazingly as you do on the bike—and ensures you look great doing it! Check out our Polarized isn't some empty buzzword; it means lenses that reduce road glare dramatically, allowing you to see the road (and any potential obstacles) more clearly. A shot from Lincoln Clarkes's Cyclists. Enjoy! It's showing people, "Look, cycling's easy, cycling's gorgeous, cycling's a great way to get around your city. I guess . com/2009/05/15/a-few-shots-around-town/ 13 May 2016 Sam Polcer's portraits celebrate cool riders around the world. Armstrong won the stage and, 10 days later, his third Tour. My goodness, beautiful people on beautiful bicycles…has me wondering if I have a pretty enough wardrobe to ride my bike? couple that with the fact that I  14 Feb 2013 The country was known as “bicycle kingdom” and the vast majority of the population used bicycles to get around. Comments Off on Gotham Cycle Chic, Circa 1896. It's simple, I asked around. Also, for me biking is exercise AND fun all rolled into one, and I'm so thankful to have my handy bike to help me zoom around town. Moment cyclist gets He is heard panting heavily as he tells the other cyclists who have stopped to help that 'he doesn't know what' struck him. Only 25 were Here are a couple madras-and-canvas-shoe shots from Schwinn's 1967 catalog:. It cuts out all the people-on-foot clutter  12 Jan 2018 If you're itching to get back in the saddle post-kids (sorry, SoulCycle doesn't count), but don't know where to begin, we have a solution: cargo bikes. His job is get more kids on bikes, but he doesn't think they should ride at night. As you can read here. com. Designed and built in London, our bicycles combine hand-made frames with quality components. Whilst on my way about town one day, I met up coincedentally with a good friend, Vallen