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  • 1 Nov 2015 Zermatt | Switzerland. Like. And walking Hollywood  Colorado's 10 Most Picturesque Mountain Towns. The picturesque village on the shores of lake Lugano prevailed over 12 contestants to win the title of “Most beautiful village of Switzerland 2016”, an annual competition organized by the magazines Schweizer Illustrierten, il caffé and L'illustré,. Perhaps the most famous sight in southwestern England, the outcrop is home to a medieval castle and church, dating from the 12th century, as well as a smattering of homes overlooking the water. Switzerland has some of Europe's best-preserved cities, which escaped the 20th century wars with little physical damage. Source. Of course, there aren't many jobs (and the subsidy from the town isn't quite enough for an annual salary), but there are bigger towns close by where you can work. Its hills are full with vineyards. 8 Apr 2016 Exquisite architecture, natural charm, and a little je ne sais quoi earned these places a spot on the pretty list. Known as "the town of the chamois", Kitzbuhel is a medieval village with cobble-stoned streets and a quaint cluster of shops and cafes – for picture perfect you can't get much  16 Mar 2017 The most beautiful towns and lakes to visit in the Italian Alps region. Spiez. At the western end is the Obertor, a chunkier version of the refined Untertor at the opposite end of the small-but-grand street. Just, y'know, don't. Spend a few minutes in these 16 villages and you'll realize that "quaint" and "charming" aren't just adjectives,  15 Oct 2015 Our picks for six mountain villages in the Swiss Alps guaranteed to help you rest and restore. Walk through its narrow streets and don't miss the most beautiful  30 Oct 2015 After a couple of trips, we really liked these cute little Swiss towns, but we were even more impressed by the majestic mountains and lovely lakes. I was in the same carriage, wide-eyed and terrified I would miss a cow in a field, a clichéd mountain village, or a distant hiker waving to the engine driver. One of Switzerland's best known features, it's said to be the most photographed mountain in the world. 10 great romantic mountain retreats. 7 Dec 2017 The 3 best places to stay to visit the Swiss Alps. The most well-known town in the region, Interlaken which literally  No matter whether it's a trip to Tenna, Guarda or the Fideriser Heuberge: the journey to one of Graubünden's most charming mountain villages is an unforgettable experience. Chur. 000 BC and has been populated uninterruptedly for 5. Riomaggiore, Italy. Finally don't forget the vineyard villages in the central part of the Canton. Source: Roland Zumbühl of Picswiss. From the world's very first ski towns to tiddly mountain hamlets far, far away… these resorts are worth visiting for their natural and cultural heritage just as much as their skiing. Switzerland is a The team of YourAmazingPlaces made a research and decided to give you some great Switzerland village names. One day we did a day trip by car to the lovely town  10 Jun 2016 In case you feel that way this summer, especially as temperatures in the capital rise, here are the six prettiest towns in Austria as compiled by The Local Austria. 000 years. Today it starts snowing. Spiez | © Yesuitus2001 / WikiCommons. If you aren't up for climbing it, you  6 Nov 2013 From the fjords of Norway to the snowy peaks of Trentino, here are Europe's 10 Coziest Mountain Villages. 29 Aug 2017 As if it couldn't get any more picturesque, at the start of May the village hosts a kite festival, that sees the skies filled with colourful kites and hot air balloons. When English-speaking potential tourists google "The Most Beautiful Villages in France", there is an  27 Apr 2016 Here are the destinations you can't miss. Grindelwald, Switzerland. Most travelers stay in Zermatt to witness stunning views of the giant, though an excursion to Gorgnergrat also offers great  Switzerland is a winter playground but also has so much to offer year-round when visiting the beautiful cities and towns dotted throughout the landlocked country. Don't trust us? Alpbach was  12 Dec 2017 Looking for details on great day hikes in the Swiss Alps? These five options will have you back down the mountain by sunset. It nestles at the base of snow-cloaked mountains and is one of Switzerland's oldest and most popular resorts. Come for the  21 Nov 2017 The Swiss village of Albinen wants to offer money to non-residents who are willing to live in the town for at least 10 years. Grindelwald isn't only a tranquil little space where life is so wonderfully languid, but also a hometown to  11 Jun 2017 The Most Beautiful Alpine Towns. Alberobello is a quiet Italian town most famous for its whimsical 14th century style beehive-shaped houses. In traditional Swiss fashion, cross-timbers mark the facades of the village and it's adorable… but comes standard in the old-country. By: K. Brig also has  8 Sep 2017 I had previously driven past the lake on numerous occasions on my way to Lauterbrunnen, one of my favourite places in all of Europe, but on my most recent visit to Switzerland I decided to visit a couple of the towns on Lake Thun and see them for myself. It is the highest inhabited village in Canton of the Bern city. With its characteristic  5 May 2015 The capital of Kathmandu is possibly the most famous, and has exceptionally distinctive architecture, but the second largest town of Pokhara is the real The Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, the Island of Tasmania is one of the world's 10 most beautiful, and Sydney is  There are only 2000 beds available in this beautiful mountain village so hurry up and book your stay now in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe. Leukerbad, Switzerland. P. Even when it comes to cheeses, chocolate and direct democracy, they're more likely to  Vineyards in autumn in Switzerland. We covered beautiful small towns in the USA, but we couldn't resist spotlighting some villages, larger-scale cities, and even islands in the nation, too. 20 Oct 2017 Top 10 most picturesque ski resorts Alpbach won a televised poll in 1983 which declared it the most beautiful village in Austria . C. Though small compared to its neighboring c. As this is my fourth visit to Switzerland and I have now seen more of the country than I could have ever imagined a few years ago on my first visit, I feel it is my duty  23 Feb 2012 We went out searching for the most camera-ready communities on the planet and found 16 towns that fit the bill, from a Swiss village straight out of Heidi to an antebellum masterpiece in Georgia. The village had a tradition of exhuming their dead every ten years to make space for new ones, and leave the skulls decorated with the owner's name and profession. Interlaken, Switzerland. S. The village setting is where the magic lies. Away from the well-known tourism destinations, Graubünden presents itself as an original universe with exciting peculiarities. Riederalp. If you don't believe us, you better go there and see it for yourself. Everyone knows that you can't leave New York City without visiting Central Park. Grindelwald | © Dennis Yang / Flickr. 21 Nov 2017 Residents of a small village in southwestern Switzerland are to vote on a policy offering money to outsiders if they move there. When traveling to Gimmelwald is a beautiful mountain village located in the Bernese Highlands region of Switzerland. 16 Jun 2016 It has speedy trains, on-time arrivals, spotless cabins, and scenic routes that pass through some of the continent's most gorgeous terrain. In here we have the list of top 10 most beautiful  Bern, Switzerland. Who doesn't love marveling at the Mona Lisa in Paris, or taking in the cold air and scenery at Chamonix? But if you've seen it all before, or you're looking for something off the beaten path, The Local has it for you. From this mountain village you can enjoy the beautiful three famous Alpine peaks – Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau. be under the age of 45 and must stay for at least ten years. Tuscany has many beautiful hamlets to show to the whole world. But, for now, here are my Top 10 European village picks for 2015. Where else can you  If you aren't spending the night here, allow sufficient time to have lunch on the terrace of one of the open-air restaurants that hang out over the water. If you don't want to indulge in  You won't find Rougon among the most sought-after places to see in Europe, yet it's one of the strange and beautiful places that worth a day. With snow peaked Don't worry, the rich history doesn't have to end when you leave the exhibits; Basel's Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is one of the oldest city hotels in Europe. Beautiful Lausanne is built on three hills, and surrounded by vineyard-covered slopes, with Lake Geneva at its feet and the Savoy Alps of France across the lake. 15. . Its emblem is the 500-year-old St Remigius church, considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the area. https://t. Get away from the city and check out a . , not on holiday) for 10 years, and live in a home that is worth at least 200,000 Swiss francs, or about $203,400. I wanted to ask the woman why she was sleeping, but  22 Nov 2017 A tiny picturesque town in the Swiss Alps may soon be accepting applications for prospective residents, who, upon being chosen, would be paid 25,000 of 45, be willing to stay there full time (i. Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Murren is a stunning mountain village located at an altitude of 5413 ft, in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. But it can be hard to keep the cogs of such a small and peaceful village turning, especially when the population amounts to just 13 people! In an attempt to save  Morcote is the most beautiful village of Switzerland - 2016. Now, we . Home to many adorable and older churches, Lungern hasn't gotten the tourist bite yet, meaning its authentic local culture is alive and well, with many local  Switzerland has long been known for its breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and the majestic beauty of the Alps. Stein am Rhein. It doesn't hurt, either, that this magical village is in the middle of the Alps, surrounded by enormous peaks with snow-capped tops (and in winter,  2 Feb 2018 Isn't she lovely? There's something special about Hallstätt, made evident when you pull up by ferry across the glassy lake, with mist rolling down from the towering Dachstein mountains. So if you want to choose the Club Med there because of your kids, but are worried about the village or area, don't be!!! 28 Aug 2017 This conical tidal island sits opposite the pretty village of Marazion in the middle of Mount's Bay in Cornwall. Beautiful  4 Mar 2012 We went out searching for the most camera-ready communities on the planet and found 16 towns that fit the bill, from a Swiss village straight out of Heidi to an antebellum Spend a few minutes in these 16 villages and you'll realize that "quaint" and "charming" aren't just adjectives, they are a way of life. Because we don't want to spoil them. Andermatt | © Pascal Muller / Flickr. Green, tree-studded hills give way to swelling mountains. Wengen | © R Igor/ Flickr. 2 Jun 2017 The lovely village of Bergün/Bravuogn, in Switzerland. You cannot come to Italy without visiting some of these little villages in Tuscany, on the top of  24 Nov 2017 READ MORE: New Mexico is going to have a billion-dollar ghost town for research. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. The Lauvaux Vineyards above Lake Geneva. Here are 12 of the most beautiful places in Switzerland that you should visit if you get the chance. The Alps can be seen on the horizon and spectacular hiking is available just outside town on the Uetliberg mountain. beautiful. e. Being one of the most populous cities in the country, Bern has a very rich cultural life. It is a perfect  10 Nov 2015 As much as we love city life, sometimes you just dream of getting away from it all and moving to one of these villages that are the most beautiful on the planet. Everyone admires Oregon's  4 Sep 2017 As @g_sehringer says on Twitter: “you can't leave out Switzerland when talking about beautiful countries – truly gorgeous”. Alpbach, Tyrol Photo: alpbachtal. 10. NatureSwitzerland. Appenzell | © markus53 An archetypal Swiss town centre has a wide main street lined with handsome buildings, and topped and tailed by impressive town gates. Well, we've had the pleasure of putting together a list of 10 of the most picturesque resorts in the Alps. Murren, Switzerland. 15 Mar 2017 My attempt to brave all that beauty starts in the quaint but touristy village of Engelberg where my hotel is all dark wood smells, animal skulls and views of It's not the biggest of lakes but it does feature a little landing stage where rowing boats can be taken out for a "suggested" fee of 10 Swiss francs ($13)  Browse the best hikes in Switzerland and see interactive maps of the top 10 most beautiful hiking trails. It's safe to say most people haven't heard of a lot of these places (kudos to you if you have – seriously, huge kudos!). Don't just take our word for it, Alpbach was once voted Austria's most beautiful village by the Austrians themselves. This village is famed for its unrivalled  20 Sep 2013 In the center of Alpine Switzerland, the Bernese Oberland region - especially around Lake Thun - is considered by some as the Earth's spiritual energy center and by most everyone as one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world. Each area of the region, Lunigiana, Garfagnana, Versilia, Etruscan Coast, Maremma, Chianti, Val d'Orcia, Casentino or Valtiberina are plenty of small jewels to visit. The house they buy or build has to be worth at least 200,000 francs (£152,000) and must be their primary residence. Moudon, Vaud. We particularly recommend the "Eiger Swiss Quality" hotel; it has been managed by the same family since 1886, combining both modernity and tradition with its superb  23 Nov 2017 Albinen, a picturesque village near Leukerbad in Valais, has seen its population shrink to just 240. The local school Prospective residents must be under the age of 45 and be prepared to stay for at least ten years. Stay at Apartment Amid rolling hills on the southern shores of Lake Lugano, Morcote is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. It's a fairly small relaxed place where time moves slowly and the locals don't seem nearly as busy as other cities. There are public outdoor rinks for  3 Nov 2017 Villages don't come much more picturesque than Corippo, a tiny dwelling nestled among the Alpine peaks and lakes of southern Switzerland. Alpine forests This Buzzle article brings to you a list of ten most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland that will help you plan your Swiss itinerary. Switzerland has long been known for its breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and the majestic beauty of the Alps. This small lakeside village of less then 1,000 inhabitants has gone to great lengths to preserve its status as one of Europe's most beautiful towns, Click here to see more photos of Switzerland. Expert advice on in Switzerland. Generally, the Swiss don't like to brag. The village is famous for its architecture, Wengen, in central Switzerland, may have only 1,300 permanent residents but you wouldn't guess that from the crowds. 10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland. 30 Nov 2017 You won't believe how much this tiny Swiss village will pay you to move there 248 residents showed up to vote Thursday, and 71 approved a proposal to pay $25,000 to each adult and $10,000 per child to live in their picturesque village. 3. As we drove into the small Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen it was unlike anything we'd ever seen before. 1. Don't Miss: If you wish to embark on excursions to the famous sites of Mount Rigi and the Rütli Meadow, Lucerne is the place to start. overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and embraced by Mother Nature herself is one of the last car-free villages in Switzerland. Here's our guide to some of the coolest things to do and places to be this winter in Switzerland. Moreover, its historic center is preserved by UNESCO, meanwhile the mountains surrounding Bern also add up to a stunning panorama. With that in mind, here are our 10 favorite alpine towns. Its story begins between 12. 4 Oct 2016 Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. While reading another thread about favorite cities in Switzerland, it got me wondering why Switzerland doesn't have a sanctioned, tourist label, like France, called the Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland. Soglio, Switzerland. Hallstatt, Austria. Twitter Facebook Google+ 56 shares. The council hopes to entice 10 families in the next few years. This “Switzerland of America” as it's often called, sits deep in the heart of the dramatic San Juan Mountains. 24 Apr 2015 Europe, perhaps more than any other continent, is known for its picturesque old villages. At the end of the bridge is Water Tower, which has served as a medieval dungeon, an archive, and a treasury vault. Ski home to the prettiest Swiss villages and towns. Because so many German towns and cities were  29 May 2015 The 16 most stunning mountain towns in Europe that will leave you speechless with awe. its place among Hallstatt in Austria, Manarola in Italy, Bibury in the UK, Colmar in France, Reine in Norway, Telč in the Czech Republic, Cong in Ireland, Gruyères in Switzerland and Bled in Slovenia. Florence, Oregon. The Swiss countryside, lakes and mountains are beautiful anytime of year, from snow-capped mountain peaks and ice-skating on lakes to hiking through green fields or  28 Sep 2011 Answer 1 of 7: We've already visited Jungfrau Region with it's beautiful mountain villages and breathtaking views. 29 May 2017 Sublime natural scenery, architectural wonders, and magical atmosphere - these are my picks for the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe. Its old town, dominated by a cathedral that's the country's most impressive piece  20 Sep 2017 One of the most charming villages of the Ticino region, Morcote lies on the southern shores of Lake Lugano and was named 'Switzerland's most beautiful village' Visitors can reach the village via postbus from Fiesch station, where a trip up the cable car to see the great Aletsch glacier shouldn't be missed. Find out the 10 best Forget the big cities, here are the 10 most charming villages that Swiss people are proud of. Lauterbrunnen – A private train line runs from Interlaken Ost station to the end of its line in Lauterbrunnen. Grimmelwald | © Seth Buckley / Flickr. This picturesque village feels like a world removed. Sitting below the iconic snowcapped Matterhorn peak, Zermatt is one of the most picturesque ski towns in the world. Andermatt, Switzerland. The Beautiful Italian Lakes Americans Don't Visit Enough range, stretching through nearly 10 different countries including Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland, leaves some of its prettiest footprints (foothills!) smack dab in Italy. Morcote. I would greatly appreciate any advice about the most beautiful mountain town to stay at. Müstair is a pretty little village of thick-walled houses dating back to the 13th century whose character seems more Italian than Swiss-it's as if the border line has slipped  15 Oct 2015 Besides, it isn't every day one of our villages gets voted one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Even if you are not a budget travel, read my budget travel tips for Switzerland – after all, Switzerland is extremely pricey and saving money won't do you any So, when you are in Switzerland you should definitely make sure you see the most beautiful towns in Switzerland and add them to your Switzerland itinerary. The Matterhorn is a stand-alone 15,000-foot mountain in the Swiss Alps that looks like a jagged tooth. Alpbach easily tops the list when it comes to the most beautiful towns in Austria. Its main street, Bahnhofstrasse, has upscale boutiques, lodging from luxurious hotels to modest chalets, and a lively apres-ski scene. Built in 1861, this hotel is full of rich  26 Dec 2017 You can't leave the Matterhorn off a list of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. From here you can take choose to walk or take the tram . 14 most beautiful villages from around the world. From ancient walled towns to gorgeous beaches framed by sparkling blue waters, there's nothing you can't find in Croatia, a land of great natural beauty and  27 Jul 2017 Rather than just give the usual Switzerland tourist spots, I've tried to show some more off the beaten path towns that are even more scenic than crowded . The popular soars to 5,000 souls in  16 Aug 2017 Lauterbrunnen. Picturesque Grindelwald is a glacier village in the Jungfrau region, which makes a great base for adventures into the surrounding mountains. When it comes to vacation destinations, most travelers tend to be more familiar with popular big cities than small towns. Beautiful Villages. These stone  More Galleries. Appenzell in northeastern Switzerland is very popular with the tourists, and for good reason – in no other Swiss town is folklore so firmly entrenched. Sometimes the beauty of the environment alone makes people want to live there. See also: Top 10 Things To Do In Iceland  After a year of living in Aix en Provence, I've put together a guide to the most beautiful villages to photograph in the Provence region. The Most Beautiful Road In Scotland That You've Never Heard Of! (34. After these 12 villages were shortlisted in Switzerland's annual 'prettiest village' competition, we take a closer look to find out why these little gems are well worth a visit. There are places for beginners, intermediates or even a great challenges to ski on the great Eiger glacier for the most experienced ones. That is Willisau to a T. Grindelwald. (Picture: Getty). Standing on the edge of a cliff,. Interlaken | © Patrick Nouhailler / Flickr. Spiez, Switzerland. Its streets are narrow, and buildings are painted with all  As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it's pretty tough to nail down a list of Switzerland's best places. It's a series of 10 glacial waterfalls which tumble INSIDE of a mountain, which has been carved out by both nature and man so you can see the insane  SNO's Top 10 Prettiest Ski Resorts in Switzerland. Wengen offers more excitement and activities than most of the other villages, and is perfect if you're looking for a storybook Swiss holiday: magnificent walks in view of a few of the country's picturesque mountains  10 Feb 2017 Switzerland is a small country in western Europe famous for its natural beauty, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mountaineers flock to this town to conquer this technically difficult peak. You'll find plenty of picturesque viewpoints along the way before the route descends to the lovely village of Gimmelwald. Niklaus. Guarda | © Fritschichristian / WikiCommons. This tiny village has only a few streets, so no one gets lost by only wandering around. Read more. 11 Nov 2016 Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of Swiss Architecture is that each town, city and village has its own unique vibe and feel. The stunning beauty of certain regions like Bavaria and the Rhineland is well documented, but the northern and eastern states also have incredible places up their sleeves. 24 Oct 2017 Located on the shores of Lake Lugano, Morcote was named the most beautiful town in Switzerland in 2016. 000 and 9. They are also requested to invest 200,000 Swiss francs (€170,000) to purchase or  Our list of Top 5 Prettiest Villages in Switzerland for the perfect Road Trip In Switzerland from Geneva or Zermatt including Simplon Pass, Brig,St. co/jZscqoXO4x. 13 May 2015 Check out our gallery: Germany's 10 most beautiful towns you've never heard of. Corippo, Switzerland: Entire town turning itself into giant hotel. Guarda. at. Expect to see  10 Most Beautiful Swiss Places to Visit. Towering above this alpine valley is the tiara-shaped Wetterhorn and the  13 Jan 2018 What will make you want to live in a village? Sometimes people think villages are the most undeveloped places of a country so most people don't want to live in such areas. Is there any place that looks more peaceful than Grindelwald? Hardly. Click the next  5 Jul 2017 Congratulations Moudon. High in the Swiss Alps, the village of 300 is also famous for its flowers  25 Jan 2018 The Alps most famous peak is situated near the beautiful, car-free village of Zermatt, towering over the border between Switzerland and Italy at nearly 15,000 feet high. Beautiful Villages of Provence, France by The Wandering Lens 07 Beautiful Villages of Provence, France by The Wandering Lens 10 Beautiful Villages of Provence, France by The  26 Apr 2017 Follow Andrew Thompson as he travels the most beautiful train routes in Switzerland. Hallstatt used to be one of the most isolated places in Austria, with no more than 1000 residents. There is no denying the awe-inspiring beauty of coastal towns. Following this week's public vote for "France's favourite village," we've  1 Sep 2017 Chur is located on the right bank of the Rhine River and is known for being the oldest city in Switzerland. The most famous peak in the Alps, the Matterhorn, stands here. Or, even better  7 Jan 2018 17 Colourful Towns And Cities To Visit In Europe! (10). The crystal clear, turquoise and sapphire waters, beauty and tranquility of a mountain town. While Zurich has budding (or accomplished) linguist. Answer 1 of 4: Dear all We are going to be going to the Swiss Alps for two weeks next June from Australia. It becomes especially beautiful in Christmas: streets and roofs get covered in snow  24 Jul 2015 We couldn't believe our eyes. We want to share with you some amazing pictures from instagram of the different villages surrounding Interlaken. Even people who live in the UK are constantly (pleasantly)  19 Mar 2012 Since most of you appreciate unconventional tourism, we figured we would dedicate a post to small town and villages, as a holiday alternative to crowded, famous cities. Austrian painter Giovanni Segantini described Soglio as “the gateway to paradise”. Interlaken. While the cash offered to new families will promote relocation to Albinen, the newcomers are required to settle there for the next ten years. Street art in Fanzara · Top 10: best Spanish movies of all time · El Enfarinats: Spanish town celebrates crazy festival with flour and egg battle · Amazing aerial photos of Spain's human tower competition · The 10 Films you never knew were shot in Spain · How to avoid looking like a guiri when in Spain. When illuminated, the town transforms into a picture perfect Christmas postcard that are bound to make your winter holidays in Switzerland extra special. Don't be sad. 21 Jan 2018 Japanese travel agents believe these to be the 30 most beautiful towns in Europe, but only one UK location makes the list. Brig's striking castle seems to be nestled in the lap of the Alps – entry is free and you won't ever find more than a handful of people at any given time. 29 Oct 2017 Located in the stunning south of France and surrounded by olive groves and lavender fields, this hilltop village is one of the most beautiful towns in the world. The mountain village of Bergün is—like many such villages in Switzerland—alarmingly picturesque. In Rougon, travelers often go out hiking in the mountainous area. There's a  31 Jul 2015 Easily accessed via cable car from Meiringen, Halisberg Mountain has some of the most beautiful and sweeping mountain views in Switzerland. If you don't speak any other language, a large percentage of the population also speak at least a little bit of English. Despite of  To dive into Swiss tourism, you don't have to travel too far and an excellent Swiss transport system makes it affordable to see the best places in Switzerland. 27 Jul 2017 10:45 CEST+02:00. 17 May 2017 Add one of these picturesque small towns to your travel itinerary this year. And what I most love of visiting Switzerland is being able to see the beautiful landscapes and so nice towns. Within the UNESCO World Heritage town are churches that date to the twelfth century, a buzzing market square, and  29 Nov 2017 As individuals explore each destination; they often find that they are gorgeous and simply don't compare to anything that they have ever seen before. A visit to Colorado wouldn't be complete without experiencing at least one of its mountain towns, and if you're looking for charm and beauty along with . Alberobello, Italy. The tiny village of Lauterbrunnen is a place almost every traveller who goes there instantly falls in love with. And in between the two are more pretty  11 May 2016 The only bad thing about Gimmelwald is how difficult it will be to leave. Good news is that between Crestasee and Caumasee is just about a 10 minutes drive, which makes it easy for you to visit both in the same day! These top romantic escapes to Switzerland's mountain hotels will have you wanting to escape the city and head for the snowy peaks. Champéry. There's a lovely waterfall here and great hiking trails, but you should probably only stay here if you can't get to one of the villages mentioned just below. 13 Dec 2016 - 43 sec - Uploaded by Diy Accessoriesmost beautiful villages in switzerland village switzerland stairway to heaven village hotel 31 Dec 2017 The beautiful, pedestrian, Alpine village is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps and is reachable only by hiking or cable car. These well-manicured towns are oozing  I love visiting the big cities, but nothing can quite compare to seeing some of the most beautiful villages in the world! In my travels I have found that one of the best ways to experience a fundamentally different culture is to explore the smaller villages away from the big cities. This enchanting hamlet is the newest official member of a coterie of beautiful historic Swiss villages. It's not often you find a ski resort in the Alps which isn't picturesque and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Switzerland With its black beaches, hot springs and volcanic mountains, Iceland comes in at number 8, one of top 10 most beautiful countries as chosen by you. Hansueli Krapf. Small white houses dot the landscape and, every once in a  France's most beautiful villages - 2013. This area is easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland but this kind of scenery comes at a price – accommodation in Zermatt is among the most expensive in the country